Peel Remote Control Application to Control Your Devices

The least appreciated element of an entertainment center is the remote control of the media center. Television, projector etc. however, a robust remote control is essential. Let’s look at the Peel Smart Remote, the best practice for controlling your media!

What is Peel remote?

Peel Smart Remote is an application that can be used on iOS and Android devices to control all kinds of media and smart home devices. Peel can control media streaming media such as TVs, Roku and Apple TV, devices such as air conditioners, and devices containing cable boxes.

Peel remote application is used on phones and tablets with built-in infrared (IR) hardware. For non-IR phones
Instead peel finds devices that use Wi-Fi. For this reason, Peel is compatible with various phones and devices.

  • Download: Peel Smart Remote  Android  | iOS  (Free)

Peel Smart Remote Installation Installing
the Peel remote application for Android and iOS works just like any other. Search and download the Peel remote on Google Play or the App Store.

When done, open the application. Now it’s time to set up your devices.

Devices to Peel Using the Infrared Feature How you add your devices to the Peel application depends on your phone. If you have an IR blaster on your phone, you can add devices that are both connected to the Internet and not connected to the Internet. However, you are limited to online devices for non-infrared phones.

On the old Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, the application displays a message asking which TV I have. You can choose from several brands or add a projector.

Click More and then scroll to Insignia. It provides a warning to steer the phone to a television and press the power button. If everything goes well, your device should be turned on. During the peel control application, you will see a warning asking if your device is on and you can click Yes or No.

If you turned on the television in the first try, it is all right, if not, Peel offers a series of different digital power buttons.

Then, you can choose your TV provider. Options vary by location.

After this initial configuration, you can add it on other devices. Click the Plus icon on the home screen. You will see a list of devices separated by different categories. For example, you’ll see options like Satellite and Projector.

Adding Devices to Peel Using a Wireless Connection Using
a non-IR phone is a different experience. Instead of searching for the device by browsing the app, you need to scan using WiFi. While the Galaxy S4, Denon receiver, Insignia LED TV and Toshiba DVD / VCR combo can be controlled, a phone without IR is quite limited.

Peel Smart Remote Application Usage

A stylish application that solves the problem of too many remote controls. Basically, the Peel application is the digital counterpart of using a universal remote control.

Why should I  use Peel  Intelligent Remote Control  ?

What is the main advantage of using Peel Smart Remote in contrast to a universal remote control? Although it is a solid choice to control a lot of devices, it is not perfect.

Rather than fully emulating, it requires that you call a device remotely, load the defaults, and then configure the hotkeys. Without the final step of adding custom hotkeys, many options do not move from the original remote control. Compare this with Peel Smart Remote, which provides a remote copy of each device. They are arranged regularly on the tabs at the top of the main screen of the application.

In addition, in certain set-top boxes, such as satellite devices, you will see a list of applications that you can open and open directly from the main screen and are located at the top of Peel. This removes the navigation step from the center to find an application.
It’s much easier to navigate the touchscreen instead of using the satellite remote control or the emulated Peel remote control.

Peel Easily Controls All Your Media Devices
Finally, Peel Smart Remote is a functional remote control application for both Android and iOS. It has the ability to change the remote controls of your device. Also, the Peel remote control is much cheaper than buying a universal remote control because you can use the phone you already own.

In addition, the Peel application provides a solid reason to reuse old and inactive phones. With IR and Wi-Fi connectivity and ease of installation, Peel Smart Remote is a handy tool for any home theater configuration.

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