Mobile Photography Tips

Do you want to learn how to take great pictures with your phone? By following these ten tips, you will step into professional photography.

photo light level

That’s right. It’s all about light.

A good image is what will help to create a great image. Check the shadows that the sun has made to the subjects. Watch out for the reflective lighted building. Practice in the golden hour “Shortly after the sun rises or just before sunrise”. Watch how the light from the window falls in a room at different moments.

Smartphone is not good in low light conditions. The moment your device works best, it is the moment when it makes the best use of lighting conditions.

Make Zoom With Your Feet

Never use the zoom on your smartphone. I think this is the first step in taking a bad smartphone picture. If you want to zoom into something, use your legs and move!

There is a technical detail, but all you need to know is that the zoom on mobile devices is never good.

Shake Your Hands, Not Your Phone

Shake Your Hands, Not Your Phone
The shaking of the camera when taking pictures is often overlooked even in large cameras. The key to fixing this is to work out how you keep your phone.

Always keep horizontal instead of vertical. This gives you a broader framework.
Try blast mode while capturing images of moving objects.
You know what you’re going to use for your release. (The volume you have on the button, a software shutter button, a tripod, and the timer or headphones). The idea here is to take you to a place where you will take clear pictures without camera flicker. You will be satisfied with the result.

Everything from the point of view

Everything from the angles, male (and female)
Change your view angle according to the objects. Climbing a high spot, moving sideways and changing your gaze. Try as many different angles as you can.

Photo Applications!

photo applications
Mobile photography is great because of the thousands of applications that are devoted to the camera in smartphones.
These practices are incredibly useful in organizing your business. When fixing problems such as bad lighting, you can develop other details to make sure a subject does not have acne, clarify certain aspects of a scene, or add interesting text or other effects to a photo.

Find a favorite, learn to use it well and take the already great picture to the next level.

Clean Glass is a Happy Cam

Clean Glass is a Happy Cam
It’s a simple thumb rule. Clean the lens glass. Just as you have a dirty front wipe, cleaning gives you a clearer look and improves results.
With a clean lens shot, your fat thumb will always be better than a hit.

The quality and quantity

The quality and quantity
Do not be afraid to make another shot. Keep everything that fits your fantasy.

The important thing here is that he took more pictures. The more comfortable you are, the more you will want to attract your pocket photographer.

The only thing that holds you is how much storage is in your phone and how long your battery lasts.

take photo
Here are my favorite tips: mirrors, glasses, water deposits and water bodies, smooth and shiny surfaces … all of which make wonderful reflections.

Push yourself to search for reflective surfaces and compare them directly to the opening or reflection of your objects. Even simple light tones can make incredible reflections.

Just fun, tryfun photos
this, it’s the only rule you have to make. If you do not listen to anything I give you here, “Have fun” is the only rule you need to promise when you enter pocket photography.

Join PhotoWalks, organized by other photographers and communities in your area. It’s fun when you’re doing art, learning and enjoying other people.

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