How to take a screenshot on Android

Depending on your device, you can get an image of your phone screen with different button combinations. You can follow the directions below for this.

As an Android user, you already know that every Android device is not the same as the next. For this reason, it is not always clear which combination of buttons is required to take a screenshot. The process can be a bit different between a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a Moto X Pure Edition, or a Google Pixel. The main difference is that the Master button is located on your Android.

How to get a screenshot on any Android device

Take a look at your smartphone or tablet. Does a device such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices have a hardware (physical) Home button?

The home button is placed in the lower frame of the device and can be used as a fingerprint reader. In this case, press the Home button and the Power / Lock button for a few seconds at the same time. The Power / Lock button is usually at the top or top right of the device.

If your device does not have a physical Home button (such as a softkey), such as Motorola X Pure Edition, Droid Turbo 2, and Droid Maxx 2, press the Power / Lock button and the Mute button at the same time.

These buttons are usually on the right side of a smartphone; a few experiments may be needed to study. You can adjust the volume or lock the device. This is the process you are currently using to capture screenshots on Google Nexus smartphones and tablets.

Take Screenshots on Galaxy Devices Using Movements
Samsung Galaxy devices offer an alternative method of taking screenshots using “motion and gesture” features. First go to Settings, select “Gestures and gestures”, and then “enable scrolling to capture”. Then, when you want to take a screenshot, you can slide the edge of your player from left to right or from right to left.

You need to be careful not to accidentally interact with the display, which is quite easy. For example, when you wanted to grab a Google Maps display, we accidentally received unread notifications and instead caught it. Practice makes perfect.

Where to register the
screen images Once you have captured a screen image, regardless of the device, you can find the most recently captured screen image in the notification bar.

Once you’ve cleared your notifications, you can most likely find it in your Gallery app or in a folder called Google Photos, in Screenshot.
From there, you can share images as if you were in a photograph with your camera, or you can make simple edits by adding or trimming special effects.

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