Best Free Flashlight Applications

Having a powerful, easy to use handgrip application on your phone can be useful and even secure. We’ve listed the best Android and iOS free Flashlight applications for you.

Remember that all these applications are connected to your phone’s internal flashlight; miraculously not brighter,
but some add additional functions such as changing the color of the light, sending SOS mode signals, turning the light on or off, and more.

1. Super-Bright LED Flashlight (Android)

When it comes to a simple and intuitive interface, it’s hard to beat the Super-Bright LED Flashlight on Android. The setup of the app simulates a real hardware handwheel with an on / off button that you can turn on to turn on and off the digital flashlight.

You can also adjust the flash or flashing mode by scrolling left or right in the frame of the digital flash light.
If you’re using a free and simple Flashlight flashlight application and you’re using a smartphone that runs Android, this should be one of the first downloads you’ve checked.

2. Flashlight for iPhone, iPod and iPad (iPhone)

With this free app for iOS you’ll find the basic Flashlight function, but at the same time it offers some more advanced “fun” features. These include a built-in SOS signal, a built-in compass, and a built-in “disco mode” that synchronizes the vibration of the light with the music you are playing. Even if you are fond of night walks, there is even an altitude viewer that can be useful.

3. Flashlight (Android)

This is another simple Android Flashlight application. Apart from the basic functions, you can change the color of the flashlight by selecting a tone on the screen. You can also use the Lantern application to send the Morse code. The app is free, even though it contains ads.

4. Flashlight (iPhone)

Yes, just another application called “Hand Lights”. This iOS application draws attention with its built-in mini map and compass to navigate in the dark. The LED brightness can also be adjusted using the screen click wheel of the application and there is an SOS signal option with 10 different strobe frequencies.

5. Tiny Flashlight + LED (Android)

When you design an app to protect your phone’s battery on Android devices, it lights up according to the situation you are in. Warning lamps include various extras such as flash lamps and colored lights.

6. Best Flash Light (iPhone)

This practice gives rise to a claim to some unique features that go beyond the expected torch function. There’s a magnification tool that lets you improve the size of things on the screen.
A function to turn on and off the flashlight and turn on the energy saving light mode. Remember that some of these more sophisticated features are $ 0.99 to unlock the application and $ 0.99 to remove the attachments.

7. Lytish Flashlight (Android)

The Lytish Flashlight application is rated for a well designed, minimalist interface, but at the same time it is easy to use.
This includes various modes including torch and flash, and there is a display widget support (accessible from the main screen of your Android phone) to turn on or off the torch function without having to open the full application.

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